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Graduating from our school, students acquire both vocational qualifications and matura exams (which enable them to apply for Universities). Apart from covering general subjects such as maths, biology, history, modern languages ets. Technical school offers subjects included in vocational curriculum. ZS nr2 proffers 4 fields of education:

- computer technician

- tourist service technician

- mechanic technician

- food and nutrition technician.

Our proposition is attractive and broad. The students of technical school are enabled to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities such us EU projects or innovations. As a part of their education, all of the students do an internship, both as apprentices to polish and foreign employers. The curriculum covers professional career counseling as well as specialist vocational courses. Moreover, our students cooperate in various sports activities, competitions, job fairs, tournaments and school feasts.



Graduating from vocational school, students acquire vocational qualifications for different occupations, depending on the field of education followed by them. ZS nr2 offers a wide range of occupations covered by vocational curriculum such as:

cook, sales assistant, shipwright, hairdresser, mechanic, carpenter and other jobs which may be practiced as and internship to an employer.

Students choose their future occupation in accordance with their interests.

During the school year, our students obtain education in general subjects as well as participate In vocational courses organised by vocational training centres in Tczew and Malbork. Both technical and vocational school students are enabled to take part in many extracurricular activities such as UE projects, innovations, competitions and sports activities.



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